June 2022

lorna donlon

Having grown up in suburban Dublin, Lorna Donlon lived for many years in the countryside of Co. Kilkenny, before recently returning to live in the Big Smoke. She loves trees and gardens and nature and inevitably she will have an interesting leaf, flower, or ‘curious-oddity-for-further-inspection’ in her pocket.

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This is a Thank You card I received after doing a school visit to my eldest daughter’s class in school when she was about 6 or 7, over 15 years ago. I was asked to come to the school for science week and give a talk. I decided to make it a bit more fun and brought some liquid nitrogen and a few other ‘sciencey’ things (to do some experiments). The kids loved it, especially when I pretended to freeze my gloved hand in nitrogen and smashed my ‘frozen finger’ (aka pork sausage) with a hammer! I was treated like royalty afterwards and it reminds me of the fun that science can create. 

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