Your feedback is important to us.

What object would you choose to help tell your personal story? What are your thoughts after visiting the physical and/or digital exhibition?

We are using Kudoboard ( to capture feedback on STEP Through the Looking Glass: Stories told of Experimental Processes.

How to leave feed back in 5 easy steps.

Step1. Click STEP Exhibition Feedback’s Kudoboard

Step 2. Click [+Add to Board]

Step 3. Leave your thoughts by typing in the box. An imageor video can accompany the text by using the buttons above the box.

Step 4. Click [Skip email] if you do not want to provide this information for the purpose of being able to edit the post later.

Step 5. If you do not want your name appearing beside the post, it’s no problem. Just write [First:ANON] and [Last: Exhibition venue]